Affiliate program

If you are a fitness enthusiast and love to share your thoughts on the best fitness clothing brands, then the Trvp House Fitness affiliate program is perfect for you. This program is designed to offer you a range of benefits that can help you grow your income and expand your online reach.

Here are some of the key benefits of joining the Trvp House Fitness affiliate program:


1. Earn Commission on Sales: By joining the program, you will earn a commission on every sale made through your affiliate link. This means that you can make money by simply recommending Trvp House Fitness products to your followers and fans.


2. High-Quality Products: Trvp House Fitness offers a range of high-quality fitness clothing that is perfect for anyone who loves to work out. As an affiliate, you will be promoting products that are designed to offer comfort, durability, and style.


3. Easy to Join: The Trvp House Fitness affiliate program is free to join, and the application process is straightforward. Once you are approved, you will receive access to a range of marketing materials, including banners, text links, and social media posts.


4. Strong Brand Reputation: Trvp House Fitness is a well-established brand that has built a strong reputation in the fitness industry. By promoting their products, you will be aligning yourself with a respected and trusted brand.


5. Flexible Marketing Options: As an affiliate, you can choose from a range of marketing options, including social media posts, blog articles, and email marketing. This makes it easy for you to promote the products in a way that works best for your audience.


In conclusion, the Trvp House Fitness affiliate program is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to earn money while promoting high-quality fitness clothing. With a range of benefits and flexible marketing options, it is a program that is well worth considering.




How does it works?
Your mission as a brand affiliate is to spread the word about Trvp House Fitness and it’s products. As you do this, and bring in customers to make purchases you will be rewarded for your work. We track all of the sales that you bring in. The more sales you can generate the more rewards you will receive!

What are the tiers ?
How many sales you have credit for will determine what Tier you are in.

  • Tier 5: 0-9 sales
  • Tier 4: 10-49 sales
  • Tier 3: 50-149 sales
  • Tier 2: 150+ sales
  • Tier 1: Selected individuals

Disclaimer: Once you reach 5 sales you will receive your first payout.

Do affiliates have the opportunity  to work towards being a sponsored athlete? Yes 

If an affiliate uses their own code does it count towards their sales? No 


How do I get involved with the Trvp house fitness community 

We have a private Discord for all affiliates 
When you click to join please answer the Questions so that we can confirm you are an affiliate
You can also follow us on Instagram @Trvphousefitness

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